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[Video - Backdated to April 10th]

[The young girl's features that appear on the video feed in the book are somewhat familiar looking to those who know Bulla, but she's far younger than they're accustomed to. The hair and eye colour are the same, although five year old Bulla has her hair tied up in a ponytail that's vaguely reminiscent of a pineapple.

The enthusiasm and cheer are still much the same, though.

For anyone coming to the Fashion Club meeting today, I made cookies all by myself.

[She looks pretty proud of herself, even if she remembers baking cookies here before with Goten.]

Oh! And I wanted to know who wants to play tag with me! We can play with powers or without. Your choice!

[Action - April 11th-22nd: the catch-all action post]

[In spite of her small size, Bulla can be found going about her business the same as her teenage self would. This includes working her bouncer shifts at H.Q., going to the clothing shop and picking up cute clothes that will fit her tinier body since all the grownup girl clothes don't fit, and even training in the Battle Dome.

Most of her memories are in tact, and she remembers being here for the past year...her only problem is that she remembers being here at her present size rather than as a teenager. It's a little confusing, although she's accepted that the Malnosso probably did something weird.
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(OOC note: Blue = Bulla and Pink = Quinn)

There we go!

[There's a closeup of a pair of manicured hands on the video feed before Bulla backs up, revealing that she's standing there with Quinn.]

Hi, everyone!As you all know the holidays are coming up, and there's simply no excuse to let the busy season make you unfashionable! There's no rule that you can't buy those last-minute gifts and look your best at the same time!

[Bulla nods, and has a little list in hand. She wants to make sure they cover all their bases here.]

Not to mention, there's holiday parties to prepare for. So this next Fashion Club meeting is going to be a special one. Not only will we help you look fantastic for the holiday season, but we're going to have a special seminar on fashionable clothing for training in. There's a lot of fighters here, so this seminar will feature clothing that's both stylish and practical.

[[Quinn smiles, nodding towards the festive holiday top she's wearing.]

Right! It's not all just about leotards and leggings anymore, there's a wide variety of training gear that looks good and feels good all at once!

[They'll even have the benefit of advice from actual female ninjas, but it's best to leave some things as a surprise.]

Then there's also the art of layering for the cold weather. Be sure not to miss this special Fashion Club meeting. It's got a little something for everyone!

Same time, same place as always! Come in and stay a while! We'll answer any questions you might have.
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[Bulla sounds much more cheerful than she did in her past entry and she's back to using video, too, which is always a good sign. She's sorry that friends of hers have gone back home, but she's doing her best not to let that get her down. Not when a rare opportunity has presented itself.

Trunks is here, hasn't had that much luck in relationships, and there's no work to take up all of his time. Nor is there a great deal of technology that he can tinker with, though that won't stop him from busying himself with what's available, she's sure.

Hi everyone! My older brother Trunks is here, so make sure you say hi to him when you see him around. Don't be shy. He's a nice person.

[She grins a bit and continues on.]

I actually wanted to see if there are any girls who'd be open to going on a blind date with him. Work and martial arts training always kept him super busy back home, so he hasn't had much opportunity to date. I thought it might be nice for him to go out on a few dates now that he'll have the time. Preferably someone who's interested in technology and/or martial arts, or at least willing to talk about those things regularly.

[Because she knows his interest in technology tanked at least one of his relationships in the past, so it's best to at least mention his interest up front.]

Let me know. Oh! And here's a picture, in case anyone was curious.

[She holds up a picture of Trunks discreetly taken.]


Cut for action )
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[Though she typically prefers video communication, Bulla deliberately selects voice. It's difficult to tell whether she sounds a little off because she's tired, depressed, or sick, but she's definitely not her usual upbeat and sociable self.]

Hi, everyone. I could use some suggestions for a distraction or three. Preferably something where you don't have to move around much.

[Truthfully, she's tired, depressed, and not feeling well, though it's due to an injury rather than illness. Her mother has vanished from Luceti, and she's recovering from the worst injury she's ever had in her life courtesy of a cultist.]

...and if you're suggesting reading, please suggest a specific book, because I've already read everything I have here in the house.
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[Bulla looks excited when she appears on the video feed. That's likely because her sixteenth birthday is coming up in a week and her goal is to have a big birthday party. If she can't have one with her friends back at home, she can have one here in Luceti with the friends she's made here.]

Hey everyone! I've got an announcement. I'm celebrating my sixteenth birthday on July 27th and I'm planning on throwing a big party. If there's any birthdays right around the same time, we can combine them. Or, if you're not the big party sort, let me know and I'll slip in a cupcake for you.

[Like she's doing for Artemis. She's willing to be flexible, when it's all in good fun, anyway.]

I was thinking there could be an afternoon get-together and then a party in the evening after dinnertime.

[She still wants to have a more private dinner with family and a few closer friends, but otherwise she's eager to party with everyone.]

Everyone is invited...well, as long as you're not a total jerk, anyway. So let me know if the afternoon or evening would be better for you, or if you'd like to show up for both!


[The feed disconnects, but comes back on about half an hour later as something occurs to her. She's been thinking about it for a while but never brought it up.]

Oh, and I forgot to mention something. I was wondering if I could get a few volunteers for something I want to test out. Preferably a couple of people with powers and a couple of people without. It's not dangerous, and I already know how it works if it's used on someone in my own world. I know how to share my energy to make another person stronger.

(ooc: Actual party will be handwaved in light of the upcoming plot, although if anyone wants a thread with Bulla taking place during the party, please feel free to hit up my appointments post!)
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Hey everyone! I've already got Mother's Day covered for celebrating with my mom, but things are a little trickier with my dad. I've been thinking about it and the thing that would make him the happiest would be if I spent the whole day training with him. He's a super strong martial artist and it's his favourite thing to do.

[Which will be a real labour of love. There's no way she'd willingly subject herself to anything close to what her father would consider a good amount of training on a regular basis.]

I've already been getting some training, but I've never gone all out and trained for a whole day straight.

[It's never appealed to her before. Not even remotely. Regular exercise is one thing, and dancing is fun. 8+ consecutive hours of intense training is something she'll need to work herself up to if she's going to be able to move the next day.]

So...I was hoping to find people that would be willing to spar with me. I want to get strong enough to protect little kids that get drafted and I want to make my dad's Father's Day really special. I'm pretty durable and I can fly, so you don't need to worry about me being too fragile to handle it.

[She smiles and waves.]

Thanks a bunch in advance. In return, I'll give makeovers and fashion advice to anyone who wants it.
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[The blue haired girl who appears on the video feed is nothing short of irate.]

Bad enough that I get taken away just before I got to go home, but some creep changes my clothes while I'm unconscious and leaves me with this plain thing?!

[She looks disdainfully at the plain white sundress.]

Don't even get me started on surgical modification. Ugh. I want to know who's in charge of this sketchy operation so I can give them a piece of my mind!

[Bulla clenches a petite fist and looks like she wants to smack someone. Then she realizes that anyone else who has a little book device like this probably isn't in a much better situation.]

Sorry...this is just so not what I needed right now, so if anyone is listening and can tell me who I should go yell at, I'd appreciate it.


[The teenager is a decidedly unhappy camper. She just wants to be home with her family where she belongs, but instead she's stuck here. She'd really like to slap the pervert who undressed her and took her clothes. Even discovering that she'd be able to get them back doesn't really make up for what's happened. She's tempted to fly in the air to get a better view of the area in the hopes of spotting an escape route...but she'll save that for later. There are priorities that need to be addressed. Namely this bland little sundress she's currently wearing.

She wanders along, exploring and doing her best to remember where she's going. A couple of times, she finds herself lost and begins marking where she's been with a stick on the ground. It helps, and after a while she reaches the town.

Bulla looks irritable right up until she spots a clothing shop with a cute shirt and skirt combination on display amongst other outfits. Her expression visibly brightens and she makes a beeline for the shop.
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